Friday, July 30, 2010

Ellen wants out of Idol, to be replaced by Jennifer Lopez; Kara Dioguardi fired (update)

We recently reported in this post that daytime talk-show host Ellen Degeneres was leaving American Idol. We can now also report, based on a number of sources, that fellow judge Kara Dioguardi will also be departing the show. See more in the "update" section.

Could this be the true sign that the future of American Idol is bleak? Many critics believe so - with the replacement of popular television star Ellen DeGeneres with Jennifer Lopez.

After a recent movie failed at the box office and the dropping from her record label, it seems perfect that Lopez should have the chance to star on one of America's biggest television enterprises - even if it is going down the drain.

Her manager, according to, had been negotiating in what was originally thought to be talks about replacing recently departed judge Simon Cowell - who may be replaced by Elton John, according to Idol insiders (that is, of course, if he isn't asking for too much).

As for Ellen, many sources report that the comedian had wanted to leave the show for months, citing tensions between her and the producers who, she says, were unable to control Cowell.

The daytime talk show host, however, was never entirely accepted by longtime fans of the show because of her poor musical background.

The appointment of JLo to the judging table almost makes the relationship between Idol producers and the star interdependent; Lopez needs the high-profile Idol gig to revive her career, and American Idol needs Lopez to raise the musical profile of the show.

Degeneres originally signed a deal that penned her in for a two year stint as a judge on the talent show, only to leave after just twelve months. "It's not been fun", she's reported to have said. [Deadline]

UPDATE: Kara Dioguardi has been fired from her position as a judge on American Idol. As it stands at the moment, the judges on the show will be Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. It would appear - assuming the deal with Lopez stays intact - that the show is returning to a three-judge format. [TMZ]
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