Friday, July 30, 2010

Al Gore sexual harassment charges dropped

Portland authorities, according to a major international news site, have dropped their case against Al Gore and have signaled that they will no longer investigate 2006 charges that allege the former Vice President groped a licensed masseuse.

According to a local Portland television station:

The complaining witness, Molly Hagerty, stated that she was sexually abused during a massage session at the Hotel Lucia when Gore was in Portland.Hagerty failed a polygraph test during the course of the investigation, and there was no DNA evidence on the pants she claimed she wore during the alleged incident, according to investigators.

Gore, despite adamant denial of having ever committed such a crime, has not been entirely open with such denials, choosing to keep the case as quiet as possible. 

The National Enquirer, using old police filings, broke the story last month. 
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