Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chris Carter suspended over Labour leadership challenge

Chris Carter, the Labour MP who penned a letter calling for a challenge of Phil Goff's leadership of the party, has been suspended from Labour's caucus.

Carter has confirmed that he wrote the letter that tipped a challenge to Goff's leadership of the party - and delivered it to the Parliament Press Gallery. "I just want to see Phil Goff gone", he is reported to have said.

The move to suspend the MP, reports Fairfax Media, was the result of exhaustive discussions within the party that occurred this afternoon.

He was quick to deflect any negative criticism that he was letting his party down, or putting the party in jeopardy over its overall leadership and strategy.

"I'm 100 percent Labour and I want the Labour Party to win." He said Mr Goff was "a very nice guy but he's just not going to win". "I think actually it's very important to the future of our party." He noted later. 
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