Monday, June 14, 2010

You know the iPad is popular when people start trading it for marijuana

Steve Jobs and the people at Apple can surely pat themselves on the back upon the runaway success of the first ever iPad, a revolutionary tablet computing device.

Not least because people are now using it as a currency to buy and sell pot.

Two young go-getters who longed for such a sleek device decided to do what any other economically minded young entrepreneurs would do - they decided to get an iPad on Craigslist by offering to pay with an iPod touch and - somewhat less normally - a quarter-ounce of marijuana.

Jacob Walker and his partner in crime, Joseph Velarte, both the tender age of 20, posted a listing on the free classified ads site that read:
i am willing to trade my 32 gb ipod touch 3rd generation and a quarter of DANK. blue dream straight outta cali. the ipod is in PERFECT condition. not one scratch it has been in the case the whole time and has never had screen cover removed!!!! let me know!!!
To sweeten the deal, the two posted a picture of the winning bidder's prize [seen below].

How could such a wonderful deal, and such a terrific bargain ever go wrong? Well, the police met up with the pair by contacting them through the ad. I'm sure they'll be alright, though - I hear that there's quite a market for that kind of stuff where they're going. 
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