Monday, June 14, 2010

Stuff opens up a fat can of hate comments

An article appeard on the country's top news website (the same story was also featured on the popular current affairs program Close Up), today, outlining how two women who have struggled to lose weight and are on death's door should they continue at their current weight, have been denied previously promised surgery to reduce their stomach size.

Perhaps the best illustration of New Zealand's - and indeed the world's - misguided and misinformed attitude towards obesity and weight loss surgery is to read the comments submitted below the story.

Some are sympathetic, some are informed - some are somewhat offensive. Here are some highlights of the more direct comments:

mike chch   #152   12:50 pm Jun 14 2010
why make the tax payer pay for something that these individuals have done to themselves, what about private health insurance, or how about paying for elective surgery yourself. you ate the food, no one held a gun to your head and told you to eat it. you should pay your own costs, or but a stairmaster!
nice one johnny #61 and cecelia #65, i totally agree with you.
not much sympathy from me for any obese people, but obesity is self inflicted.

johnny   #93   10:34 am Jun 14 2010

i know how to fix this, put the pies down and do some physical activity. why should my tax payer dollars pay for an operation just beacause you cant control yourself. have you heard of a salad?

CN   #92   10:31 am Jun 14 2010

"I eat healthy and I exercise...."
How many times have I heard people say that and then you see then dilly dallying around in the gym thinking they are working hard yet they arent even breaking a sweat and their heart rate hasnt moved since they got out of bed in the morning, and then they down a bottle of electrolyte as they have 'worked so hard'.
You can not cheat on exercise and diet, as at the end of the day the only one who suffers is you.

Find out what it really means to exercise properly and eat healthily and people might be extremely surprised to discover that what they do is a LONG way from that. 

Read the article and the comments here. 
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