Monday, June 14, 2010

Telecom's laughably sentimental XT TV ad falls flat with viewers

It's true - some damage simply irreparable. Not least of which is the damage inflicted upon the reputation of Telecom's new (well, not really anymore) mobile network - dubbed XT - upon which was heaved millions of dollars and for a large part Telecom's own reputation as a consumer brand and reliable telecommunications provider.

However, it can surely be no secret that the new television campaign (the TV spot of which is embedded above) has fallen flat with consumers, particularly those who put their faith in XT as the next generation of mobile communications in New Zealand, but were sorrily disappointed. 

I particularly like the part where Reynolds, Telecom's CEO, utters "so you can find out just how good XT really is". You can almost hear the thousands of XT customers shouting in outrage "yeah we know just how crap it is, thanks." 
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