Thursday, June 17, 2010

Perez Hilton: America has a very dirty imagination

Shamed blogger and accused child pornographer Perez Hilton has apologized (kind of) for pixelating a photo of Miley Cyrus, which implied the underaged pop singer to be waring nothing under her skirt.

"I didn't pick it to make her look like she wasn't wearing underwear", Perez noted, "but thought that it would be funny because she wasn't acting in a very ladylike way". Hilton defended his actions, saying that he didn't pixelate or photoshop anything, and that "I can't help it if America has a dirty imagination".

"I didn't even post the photo on my website", the blogger added, saying that he only linked to it.

"It is insulting to children to accuse this photo of being child pornography, if you want to look at the definition of child pornography", he said.

As if to cement people's perception of Hilton, he was fully convinced that he did the correct thing, and that he would post the photo again should the opportunity came up. 
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