Friday, June 18, 2010

Hitler memorabilia surging in popularity within Indian culture, BBC reports

Former dictator of the WWII era-Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, is experiencing a surge in popularity with - among other things - an upcoming movie, biographical book and spikes in overall sales of obscure hitleresque memorabilia. 

The BBC reported that India's newest craze, Hitler, is getting his own movie, based around his love affair with Eva Braun, as well as Hitler themed take-home shopping items of every variety, with the same treatment you would expect for a Broadway musical. As the broadcaster reports, Hitler keyrings, mugs, t-shirts and bags are all in high demand. Not to mention the fact that the dictator's infamous autobiographical Mein Kampf, is flying off the shelves. 

It was reported that his greatest fans were young, affluent members of Indian society who had a "balanced view" of the man. Scary huh?
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