Saturday, August 7, 2010

Discovery Channel plans "American Idol" like talent show for prisoners

It isn't the first time crazy ideas have taken off, but this one is certainly a first. Reports have now been released that suggest a new American Idol-like television show for prisoners is in development. Even as the original struggles, "Talent Behind Bars", as the TV show is rumored to be called, is being pursued as a concept for Investigation Discovery.

According to

"The essence of the show is to highlight people who have been convicted of non-violent crimes and misdemeanors," Schleiff told B&C after the presentation. "Maybe there's somebody in a part of the country where they've never had a real chance to have a proper education, but they have a talent. Maybe it's singing, for example. So if we can give somebody like that, because of the use of the medium of our series, a break, they [might] get seen. And [if] someone sees that they have an extraordinary ability, it's a chance for maybe a little bit of a redemption."

Prizes for the winners of such a show are yet to be decided but, as many have already speculated, a range of rewards based around prisoner rehabilitation may be up for grabs. [Broadcasting Cable]
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