Friday, July 9, 2010

With newly released tape, latest Gibson slip affirms what we all thought

Mel Gibson, the high-profile Hollywood impresario, has been something of a public amusement as of late - and a symbol of bad taste among circles of the rich, powerful and elite within the entertainment industry. The question on the lips of everyone within the media at this time is, however: is this latest public relations disaster too difficult to salvage?

The tape, which reveals some of the more shocking comments Gibson has made (and slowly leaked into the public) is now available in full, and has become something of a ubiquitous source of public anguish against the movie star.

What is perhaps more worrying for Gibson is that his racial slurs and remarks represent a wider problem than simple family issues and drinking; perhaps revealing that he is in fact the bigoted, racist man that we all enjoy making him out to be. Sure enough, this latest slip affirms what we thought before.

If these last couple of remarks are the only ones caught on tape, it makes one wonder just how many have gone unheard by the public ear.

However, I suppose that's just it: we can only wonder.
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