Saturday, June 26, 2010

Paul Henry's got so much money, he can afford to lash out at his employer

The straight-talking former radio station owner turned host of TVNZ's Breakfast, Paul Henry, can clearly afford to lash out at his employer, TVNZ, calling its programming "banal" and "unwatchable" as well as, The Sunday Star Times reports, questioning the taste and intelligence of the TV watching public. 

According to the Star Times:
Henry, who as presenter of TV One's Breakfast has delivered sniggering put-downs of targets including a hirsute Greenpeace spokeswoman and British singer Susan Boyle, said "banal" stories on TV One's news show Close Up and its TV3 rival Campbell Live end up being some of the "most-watched, the most commented-upon stuff" on television.
"I sometimes see stuff and personally despair, and I think: is that current affairs? But it actually is."
Henry has had a long career in broadcasting, having previously owned a radio station before returning to New Zealand to take up a position with the state broadcaster.
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