Friday, June 11, 2010

iLove - Cupidtino is a dating site for Apple fans

Apple has always had a cult following, now with
a dating site to help followers find each other.
Apple fanboys and girls will soon have their own internet haven for finding their fellow iLovers. Cupidtino, a play on the word Cupertino, where Apple is headquartered, is a dating site that helps fans of Apple products to find each other and hook up.

The technology company, which has always had a cult following, is not affiliated with the dating site, but no doubt recognises that it is another extension of the huge fan base that the company sells to.

Steve Jobs is himself no stranger to the huge appeal of the products his company sells. During the keynote for the launch of the next generation iPhone, the down-to-earth CEO quoted an email he received from a customer.

"I was sitting in a cafe with my iPad recently, and I got a girl interested in me", read the email, " that's what I call a magical device".
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