Friday, June 11, 2010

David Pogue: The two industries that refer to their customers as users - technology and illegal drugs

In his list of "Tech Terms to Avoid", New York Times technology columnist, and author of Pogue's Posts, David Pogue said, rather wittily, that the only two industries that use the term 'users' to refer to their customers is the technology industry and illegal drugs.

Pogue didn't stop there, however, also adding that the term 'price point' is useless and that 'price' will do just fine. "What are you paid by the word?"

'Content', 'display', 'WiFi'? Forget them! says Pogue - who calls them irrelevant and unnecessary, when there are other perfectly good normal, everyday words to replace them.

To see Pogue's full list of tech tautology, click the link below.

Read the full list here.
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