Saturday, May 15, 2010

MP calls for danger alerts on alcohol products

Sue Kedgley, an MP for the Green Party, is calling for distinctive warnings on alcohol products following the death of schoolboy James Webster.

The Kings College student died after consuming an entire bottle of straight spirits and falling into an alcohol induced coma.

According to the Sunday News:

James' uncle, Donald Webster, suspected his nephew didn't know the difference between the vodka and similar-sized pre-mixed vodka and fruit juice drinks popular with young drinkers.
The RTDs contains around 8 percent alcohol compared to straight vodka which ranges from 35 to 50 percent alcohol.
Current labelling on booze bottles show the alcohol content and approximate standard drinks in small print.
But Kedgley said the warnings should be as prominent as those on cigarette packets.
"The idea is to hook them young, get them at an early age", Kedgley said of alcohol companies, "which to me is predatory".
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