Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Apple unveils brand new iPod Touch, touchscreen Nano, all new iTunes and Apple TV

Cupertino based company Apple Inc, the company behind the popular Mac range of computers as well as the iPod and iPhone, has unveiled a brand new range of entertainment products in an event held as part of a press conference in California.

The new line of iPods include a touchscreen nano device. Instead of buttons, the device uses controls placed directly on the screen. Additionally, the company's popular iPod Touch - something of an entry level iPhone - has been revamped to include, among other features, the company's new 'Facetime' feature, which was introduced when the company unveiled its new iPhone.

Steve Jobs, the company's co-founder and Chief Executive, also pointed out that the entertainment software Apple owns, iTunes, will include social features - allowing users to see what their friends are listening to and so on.

Apple TV, a product regularly dismissed as a 'pet project' for Apple, has been completely revamped as well. It has been designed with renting and buying high-definition movies in mind.
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