Sunday, August 8, 2010

White supremacist/neo-Nazi looks likely to win School Board seat

A man who promotes himself as a proud white-supremacist is running for school board in a small inland American town. What's worse, however is that he looks - at this stage - to be the likely victor come polling time.

Dan Schruender, who once served as the president of a California organization that promotes the idea of a pure white race, filed nomination papers on Monday to run for one of two seats on the board which oversees education in the Rialto Unified School District.

Incumbent board members are meanwhile seeking re-election. The 27,500-student district is nearly 76 percent Hispanic and nearly 16 percent black.

Schruender, who - according to the AP - enjoys dropping off racist flyers around the neighborhood, announced the launch of his campaign on the bigoted website of the white-supremacist organization of which he is a part. 

NOTE: The picture featured on the homepage for this post is not one of those involved in this story.
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