Sunday, August 1, 2010

Robber calls Wendy's to complain about how little he was able to steal

As they say: If you don't like what you got, complain. This is perhaps no more true in a case where a robber - who held up an Atlanta Wendy's at gunpoint - was so unhappy with the loot he managed to grab that he called the burger-joint twice to complain.

"Next time," he said in one of the phone calls, "it better be more like $586". According to an Atlanta-based news website:

About 11:15 p.m., a man wearing a ski mask and holding a gun walked up to the drive-through window at the Wendy's at 1940 Piedmont Road, police said. He told an employee to put the cash drawer on the counter.
After grabbing the drawer and running away, the robber discarded the drawer in the bushes at the nearby InTown Suites. Police dusted the drawer for fingerprints. However, the robber was seen wearing yellow gloves at Wendy's.
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