Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Jersey has banned the word 'retarded'

The Governor of New Jersey has today signed a law that prohibits the use of the word 'retarded' to refer to people with mental disabilities in official documents. Therefore, the term 'mentally retarded' is now banned in all official state business.

“This is making sure each citizen in our state is treated with the respect they deserve,” Chris Christie, the Governor who signed the ban into law, said. “It’s their government too.”

“We’d like New Jersey to get to a place where you can’t use the ‘R’ word without it being inflammatory,” noted the leader of a local group which supports any law which seeks to remove the word from casual use within society. 

The bill also bans the use of the words 'handicapped', 'feeble minded' and 'physically defective'. All of these terms currently appear within the legal documents of the state, and will have to be removed as a result of the new ban. 
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