Monday, August 9, 2010

Google, Verizon reveal worrying pact to end the internet as we know it

The new wave of collaboration between mobile communications company Verizon and search giant Google has sparked an equally large wave of worry from within the internet world itself. The new pact, which has been coined as the 'pact to end the internet as we know it' by the press and net insiders has a number of big players in the industry fearful of the change it could bring.

Despite the "Don't Be Evil" slogan which Google employees frequently parade around, there is nothing altruistic about the company's most recent dealmaking with Verizon. The proposal has been perceived by many to allow massive corporate takeovers of the internet.

An issue known worldwide as 'net neutrality' is at the centre of the deal. Should the deal between the two companies go ahead, it could radically alter the even playing field seen at present on the internet. It is net neutrality, argues Craig Aaron - managing editor for Free Press, that makes sure the next Google, in a garage somewhere, will have just as good a chance as any corporate behemoth to gain an audience and thrive online.
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