Sunday, August 15, 2010

Glenn Beck says gay marriage is NOT a threat to America

In perhaps the biggest surprise to be peddled out of Fox News, the conservative noise channel owned by media baron Rupert Murdoch, Glenn Beck, a political commentator on the channel, said that he does not believe gay marriage is a threat to America.

This should come as great surprise to some who have even watched five minutes of the network, where banter denouncing gay rights is a common part of the overall tone the evil overlords enjoy peddling daily over the airwaves.

"Honestly, I think we have bigger fish to fry," Beck told fellow Fox personality Bill O'Reilly. "You can argue about abortion or gay marriage or whatever all you want. The country is burning down...I don't think marriage, that the government actually has anything to do with...that is a religious right."

To cement his point, he used a quote from Thomas Jefferson. "If it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket, what difference is it to me?"

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