Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oksana has more rant recordings in her personal collection

Wait a go for being an advocate for sharing, Oksana! TMZ, the sleazy gossip website - frequently checked and linked to by this website - has revealed that the groundbreaking recording artist who brought you Mel Gibson Rant #6 has more recordings on the way - and is keeping some (somewhat selfishly) in her own personal collection.

I'm sure we're all ready to hear the next dizzyingly shocking recordings of Mel Gibson's hateful rant. Maybe I'll just wait for the DVD box set before I listen to it online. It's important to give back to the artists who recorded it, remember.

This time, though, the recordings are voicemails. Good thing these two dynamos are happy to step outside their comfort zone. I felt that the screaming direct recordings were becoming a little commercial and generic. [TMZ]
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