Saturday, July 17, 2010

Neo-Nazi hunts for immigrants in Arizona

A militia whose leader holds strong neo-Nazi ties, has emerged in the desert of Arizona. Their purpose, reports the Associated Press, is to find immigrants - they believe only white, non-jewish heterosexuals should become American citizens - as they are not satisfied by new laws as well as increased border patrol.

Several state politicians, a popular gossip website reports, have close ties to white-supremicist groups regardless of such vigilante-inspired hunts along the border.

Their leader, who is highlighted by the yellow arrow in the picture above, is known as Jason "J.T." Ready and is taking matters into his own hands. They haven't been all too successful, however, having only found a few border-crossers, the AP reports, who were handed over to Border Patrol after being given water.

[Via AP, Slate] [Image Via Gawker]
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