Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mel Gibson hit his child - new tape suggests

A new tape has been released onto the open internet that reveals what Oksana truly believes about Mel Gibson: "You're unbalanced", she said. But that wasn't all it revealed, or for that matter, the worst of it. "You are a complete monster!"

Warning: The video contains extreme amounts of profanity. You may not wish to listen to it. We didn't publish it on our site because, despite your feelings about us, we actually do have standards. Listen to the tape here.

Perhaps the most revealing allegation contained in the five-minute tape was the comment about Gibson's hitting his daughter. "You hit me and you hit her, while she was in my hands". "You need a f**king kick up the ass for being a b***h, c**t, golddigging whore with a pussy son," he responded.

"You're a moving violation," he continued. Gibson is also heard spitting at some point in the tape.

Gibson is referring to Grigorieva's son, with whom she shares parenthood with Timothy Dalton - the actor who experienced a two film stint as James Bond in The Living Daylights and License to Kill.

Whether or not these tapes can be used in court is almost beside the point, as the public opinion could turn against him regardless.
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