Monday, July 5, 2010

Is Katy Perry better than the 80 other women Russell Brand slept with in a month? (Plus other gossip)

British comedian Russell Brand has become the subject of some rather sexually based math work after a Daily Mail piece revealed he was 'tamed by her'.

Of course, as many bloggers have already rightly pointed out, this would mean that Brand would have had just over two women each day of that month. Is that really all that believable?

Also in celebrity gossip this week, Christian Ronaldo has become the father of a baby boy. Of course, no one is actually able to work out who the mother of the child is - whose birth was heralded on, well....what else? Twitter.

Finally, Snoop Dog - in another piece of gossip loosely related to Katy Perry (having appeared in Perry's 'California Gurls as the candy man/pimp) may be appearing on the smash hit television musical Glee. 

This was according to Cory Monteith - the one who plays Finn - who reported such a possibility to the Daily Mail.
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