Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fake nun begs for money to fund Episcopalian rape clan

Take a look at the remarkably happy habit-wearing woman to the left. Does she look like the kind of woman who would panhandle on behalf of an unholy Episcopalian-based rape clan? Don't let your eyes be fooled. Turns out, she is!

Wearing a cross, a habit and full nun garb, you'd think this innocent-looking old woman would be simply fundraising for her local parish. But, as the New York Post reports, the reality is somewhat different. 

After five hours of begging in Manhattan's Little Italy, a reporter for the Post discovered, the woman bought some bootleg DVDs, boarded a train, and tried to hock off some vials of perfume. 

Having disembarked the train, she proceeded to - while walking down the street in plain view, cigarette 'dangling from her mouth' - dishabit herself while peeling off the costume which merely acted as an unholy facade to her scamming, fraudulent ways.

The Episcopal Church has never actually heard of the woman, who is actually raising funds for a 'church' in Crown Heights founded by a convicted rapist and killer who parades around New York with what the Post describes as a 'harem' of fake nuns.

The church is reportedly led by the founder's son who, just like his father, is a convicted rapist. See! This is why nobody trusts churches anymore. Here are some pics of the classy lady out of costume:

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