Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Policeman punches 17-year-old girl in the head

You may be a cop with intense authority, and you may have had a rather bad day at work, but perhaps the very worst way you could possibly take out your stress is to punch a 17-year-old girl you pulled over for jaywalking. 

On Monday, a Seattle police officer took matters into his own hands (be that fists) when he saw a group of teenage girls jaywalking in the city's south side. The girls became rather verbally antagonistic, as many have put it. When one tried to make a quick get-away, the cop turned her around and punched her. 

But hey! We've all had those days, right? Here's a video of the actual incident:

My personal favorites are the comments that are made by the cameraman following the punch out, which goes something along the lines of "oh come on....are you serious". Yes...he just punched her - I think he's serious. 

The Seattle Police Department is reportedly investigating the matter, in particular the brutal use of force that was applied to control the raging criminals. Maybe she should have just stopped jaywalking. 

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