Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mayor to pay back credit cards

The frontrunner for mayor of the Auckland super-city, Len Brown, has today announced that he will curb his spending and pay back his debts on his council issued credit card.
Mr Brown told the New Zealand Herald he had reimbursed the council for the personal expenditure totalling $579.27. For the year to May, he ran up $10,864.98 in expenses on his mayoral credit card.
"I try and set the best examples on all fronts. I'm not going to be bulletproof and I don't set out to be perfect. I just set out to be my best and be accountable for it," Mr Brown told the newspaper.
Two of Brown's fellow councilors have raised the issue of his debts.
Dick Quax and Jami-Lee Ross called for a full review of mayoral credit card use.
"It is important for the mayor of a large metropolitan city to show judgement when spending ratepayer funds," said Mr Quax.
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