Monday, June 7, 2010

Investigation launched into Apple's 'fear of Asian customers'

The attorney general of New York is reportedly investigating claims that Apple, the technology company that today released the next generation iPhone, is in fear of Asian customers and asking to see their passports.

Among other things, Apple employees are reported as saying that certain customers' English 'sucks' and denying some their right to purchase the company's brand new iPad tablet computing device.

The political blog, Politico, reported that Apple had been suspicious due to the large volume of illegal exports of the iPad to China - and that they were investigating potential international leaks of the product to untapped overseas markets.

Politico reported:

A person who had been informed of Apple's policy said the company — concerned that customers were purchasing multiple iPads for sale abroad — had briefly instituted a questionnaire for use in the course of iPad sales, aimed at blocking those illegal exports. The source said the policy is no longer in place, and [the attorney general's office] signaled that the investigation appears likely to be resolved routinely.

 [Image: A customer in one of Apple's Australian retail stores. Via Getty Images]
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