Monday, June 7, 2010

Amid excitement, Apple unveils iPhone 4 - "Stop me if you've seen this before"

The wishes of many have come true today as Steve Jobs, the much adored CEO of Apple, unveiled the newest version of the company's beloved iPhone range - iPhone 4 - which the company is saying will without any doubt change things 'all over again'.

Hardware on the iPhone 4, as expected after the infamous Gizmodo leak, is identical to those seen in the misplaced prototype. The device runs Apple's new iPhone OS 4, which was released to a small group of developers recently after a preview at the company's headquarters (this can be found on the company's website at

In addition to the new hardware, the device also packs in a couple of new features, including a product called Facetime - which is a phone to phone video conferencing application which is set to take advantage of the built-in camera on the front of the device.

All the technology, the company says, is situated between two glossy pieces of aluminosilicate glass, with a steel band wrapped around it.

As well as the black version, users can buy a white version as they could before, however this time with both sides in the white shade, as the operating system now allows this to be aesthetically pleasing with regard to the lack of contrast between the home screen and the surrounding glass.

All of this is powered by Apple's famously touted A4 chip, which the company has promoted and - as expected - no Flash is included in the device.

Altogether, the device delivers all the expectations of those who were waiting for it. The hardware is a pleasing development in a device that was beginning to lose its overall visual appeal - and become mundane. The next generation iPhone is a winner.
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