Thursday, May 13, 2010


Just what is Twitter turned into? To me it seems that most people it for a cheap way to feel momentarily interesting with a regurgitated remake.

In its most basic form, Twitter is simply one way communication on the internet the real-world equivalent to writing something on a piece of paper and somebody coming to read it later but in recent months its seem to become a free alternative to TXT'ing or incredibly easy way of self promotion.

Actually the real-world equivalent of Twitter would be standing in a crowded room yelling out things like...."Eatin' a sandwhich!" with hundreds of thousands of people yelling similar things and occasionally re-shouting something you just said. One problem EVERY-BODIES DEAF!

People that use Twitter for self promotion usually aren't listening to anyone else's cries of self promotion so the cycle continues, but Twitter is useful for something. Example say somebody named Daniel Sanders has to babysit and can't go to school because his parents think keeping the money they would of spent on a qualified babysitter is more important than his education.

Daniel can "tweet" this several minutes even hours before we leaves and all of his friends that are following him you read it. "Can't come to school, unloading 20kg's of Columbian bam bam from the truck I mean I'm babysitting."

Oh Twitter, I wonder how long this ride is going to last.

I would be interested to know what you think about it. Comment.

Twitter in Real Life:

<3 Ken Tanaka I mean Ciaran.
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