Sunday, May 16, 2010

Police bust booze-fuelled after-ball

Auckland police have stormed a school ball afterparty following revelations that alcohol was being served to minors at the gathering.

The action is yet another installment in the government's crackdown on serving alcohol to minors. It is also another timely reminder that the government is taking steps to prevent further alcohol related deaths - particularly after the high-profile death of 16 year old Kings College student.

One News allegedly tracked down the location of the after-party - the after party was reportedly a more looked-forward to event than the ball itself.

According to TVNZ's website:

Entry was via a pre-paid ticket and the location was kept secret.
"No one seemed to know where they were going ... which is fair enough, it's their night out," says parent Keith Haime, adding that "quite a lot of parents followed the coach down here".
But just before the busloads arrived, police and liquor licensing inspectors got in first.
Manukau District Licensing Agency inspector Paul Raddich says the parents then decided the best course of action was to remove all of the alcohol voluntarily.
The article stated that students were allowed to drink "as part of the $55 ticket price".

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