Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Zealand makes number nine on the "most educated" list

So you may be wondering what is the most educated country in the world ?
Well it's difficult to say really, but here are some statistics that may be of your interest.

(Percentage of the population between the ages of 25-64 that have attained a tertiary level of education)

1 Canada 44.0

2 United States 38.4

3 Japan 37.4

4 Sweden 33.4

5 Finland 33.3

6 Denmark 31.9

7 Australia 31.3

8 Norway 31.0

9 New Zealand 30.9

10 Korea, South 29.5

11 Belgium 29.0

12 United Kingdom 28.0

13 Switzerland 27.0

14 Ireland 26.3

15 Iceland 26.3

16 Spain 25.2

17 Netherlands 24.4

18 Germany 24.0

19 France 23.4

20 Greece 18.3

21 Hungary 15.4

22 Mexico 15.4

23 Luxembourg 14.9

24 Austria 14.5

25 Poland 14.2

26 Czech Republic 12.0

27 Slovakia 11.8

28 Portugal 10.8

29 Italy 10.4

30 Turkey 9.7

I think for the likes of the USA and Canada, they have the advantage of size. No surprises for Japan, and those other strict European countries, where students are bound by rules until they pass school, then they are free to do whatever they want.

These countries do deserve the credit for that method of teaching, as I think countries such as New Zealand and Australia are too loose and worrying about "children rights". See, people need to remember, no matter how 'know-it-all" a teenager seems, they are still a kid and don't know it all. Of course they will throw a tantrum, but with diligence and consequences they will learn, just as all kids, and all people for that matter do.

The years before you are of the age of about 20 years old, are the most vital as your brain is still developing. That is why students are sent to school then, as I'm sure teachers would rather teach a class of mature adults than a class of bratty kids. So the teen and child years are the most important in the terms of learning, and thus students need to focus on their education so then when they leave school, they can party it up if they want, and still have the education for a job of their choose.

So, even though I think New Zealand are not the most strategical when it comes to how they manage the education system, I think we did reasonably well landing at a spot of #9, surprising for a country of merely 4 million too.
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