Friday, May 14, 2010

Internet will 'soon run out' of IP addresses

According to a report by TVNZ, the world will soon run out of IP addresses as the number of web connected devices 'explodes' in volume.

The report, which was based on comments by Rod Beckstrom, chief executive of ICANN. "We're running out", he said in an interview with Reuters.

"It's a very big move. The internet's been around roughly for four decades and this is the first time that domain names are opening up to people's native tongues and scripts," Beckstrom said.
He said ICANN had received about 21 requests so far for international domain names (IDNs) from countries.
Beckstrom said it had taken 11 years of technical work to find a way to bring in other languages.
"When the internet was invented and when the standards were initially developed they wanted to have it available for all scripts but there wasn't a standard back then so they used ASCII or Latinate characters as a standard," he said.
Read the full article here.
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