Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Copycat billboards get church in trouble with brewery

DB Breweries has reportedly 'warned' a small Tauranga church following its erection of a number of billboards with striking similarity to Tui's "Yeah Right" campaign.
Six weeks ago Bethlehem Community Church put up the sign reading "Atheists have nothing to worry about! Yeah Right", but not long after received a call from DB's lawyer, said Reverend Jim Wallace.
The church had been running its "Yeah Right" billboard for about eight years which included statements such as "I never sin" and "Everyone goes to heaven", but had only heard from the brewery since the last sign went up, he said.
Mr Wallace did not believe "Yeah Right" could be trademarked as it was a New Zealand colloquialism, and instead of the Tui logo his billboard featured a dove with the word "Spirit" beneath.
"We have a sense of humor", the church said, also noting that they hope to resolve the issue soon.

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