Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Blab on Technology

So day by day technology is getting more and more high tech, making life a whole lot more easier. But I believe people are going to be in for a shock as their lives are disrupted.

It is common for people to do chores such as wash the dishes, vacuum, mow the lawns, clean the litter box, cook dinner and so forth.
But now none of those things are necessary thanks to technology.

So what do people do with their time

How about get a job?
Well sorry kids, but there are no jobs since technology stole them all.

How about you go watch a movie on your 3D TV or have a massage in your living room from your lazy-boy?
If you feel a little peckish help yourself to a snack from your little mini fridge in your lounge.
Oh, your cats litter box is full? Well that's no problem as it now cleans itself.

So now you are getting fat and lazy. How about build something.
Oh wait they have machines that do that. And robots to clean up the mess afterward.

That doesn't solve your new found weight problem caused by technology.
So how about stand in front of your TV on a vibrating machine, while watching all those shows you recorded.
Feeling hungry again ? How about order a pizza off your TV !


So we have this endless cycle.
It's rather sad really.
Now this situation won't affect all people of course, but it will in the majority.

And to make people stay indoors, they are destroying the outdoors.
In the future will we all be confined to our crammed little houses ?
Will we be able to go outside and smell the fresh air ?

It's scary at how much of an effect technology holds on us
And that my dear friends, is why the Industrial Revolution ruined our lives.

-Daniel Sanders
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