Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Swine flu to remain a threat for 'years to come'

Although the World Health Organization may have said that Swine Flu was now in "post-pandemic" phase, this isn't stopping New Zealand health authorities who continue to actively promote healthy measures to protect against the H1N1 virus, the New Zealand Press Association reports.

The WHO, as it is known, has reportedly recognized that New Zealand is still experiencing some effects from a second wave of the virus, which reached global newsstands last year in a flurry of media coverage.

According to the NZPA:

WHO director-general Margaret Chan said the virus had not gone away.
"We expect the H1N1 virus to take on the behaviour of a seasonal influenza virus and continue to circulate for some years to come," she said.
The step to downgrade followed advice given Tuesday by the WHO's advisory emergency committee of 15 external scientists, who heard presentations from health officials from countries reporting cases of H1N1, including New Zealand.
Ms Chan said globally, levels and patterns of H1N1 transmission differed significantly from what was seen during the pandemic with out-of-season outbreaks no longer being reported.
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