Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Meg Whitman - former CEO of eBay - has campaign budget soar to nearly nine digits

Thank God for all of those Beanie Babies. Meg Whitman, an aspiring Governor of California and former billionaire CEO of online auctions company eBay has set a new personal record for campaign spending.

Reports are now in that put Whitman's total campaign budget thus far at almost $100 million.

The Whitman campaign reported on Monday that $20 million had been spent within just six weeks ending June 30. Her campaign is said to have spent $71 million to win the GOP primary against Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner.

According to a number of reputable sources, Whitman has put around $91 million of her own money into the campaign and continues to seek further donations from wealthy individuals from across the country.

She is, however, set to face some formidable competition on this front from her Democratic challenger Jerry Brown. Brown has received almost $14,000 from Dreamworks Animation alone - a company where Whitman once served as a board member.
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