Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Former Republican chairman comes out of the closet

Former Republican chairman Ken Mehlman says he wishes he had come out of the closet sooner, having told a high-profile magazine in an interview that he is gay.

In an interview with The Atlantic, the former campaign manager for George W. Bush said that he had come to the conclusion recently that he was gay and wished to talk about it with someone, and become an advocate for gay marriage.

He is to participate in a fundraiser supporting a lift on California's ban on gay marriage in the coming months.

“It’s taken me 43 years to get comfortable with that part of my life,” said Mehlman, now working at a highly-respected New York private equity firm. “Everybody has their own path to travel, their own journey, and for me, over the past few months, I’ve told my family, friends, former colleagues and current colleagues and they’ve been wonderful and supportive. The process has been something that has made me a happier and better person. It’s something I wish I had done years ago.”

Finally, he says that he had tried to work within the Republican Party in getting members to more openly reach out to the gay community.
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