Sunday, July 4, 2010

The world's most annoying blog habits

In the wild west of the internet, the blogosphere, there are a number of hallmarks that are upheld by the cliquey clubbees known as bloggers that inhabit it. There are then a number, therefore, that I detest in the highest degree.

5. "See that after the jump" This is one that I can admit to using occasionally. When people wish to refer to what cannot be seen on the homepage of a blog (you know, the rest of the article), they [bloggers] usually refer to this content as being 'after the jump'. The issue is nobody in the real world actually knows what this mysterious 'jump' actually is; so stop using it.

4. Thou shalt not overuse the ellipsis There are a few blogs that I read occasionally where the bloggers have a fixation (or perhaps obsession) with overloading their blog posts with a '...' every six words. It's a nauseatingly disgusting literary habit that many need to get out of.

3. Speech marks - 'don't use them' when they don't apply Some bloggers insist on using a set of quotation marks in every post numerous times. It's annoying, particularly when they don't actually know how a speech mark is supposed to be applied within text.

2. Using *asterisk* symbols for emphasis Most blogging systems and content management software comes with an option to include italics in a post. Learn to use it please - the asterisk is obsolete.

1. Including a full stop in a post title Please, please, please, please don't include a full stop at the end of a post title. It is unnecessary. Take a look at this. Do you see a period at the end of the title?
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