Saturday, July 10, 2010

The week we went to court (Week In Review)

It wasn't just Lindsay Lohan (with her fingernail fiasco, crying and calling the judge names) that cluttered the homepage of the Murray Report this week, but also an old woman, a very dodgy Indian mother, and a suspicious Justin Bieber hack on the video sharing site, YouTube.

Two of these posts (Lindsay's fingernails and Justin Bieber's YouTube redirection) attracted a huge increase in traffic across the website. The advertising revenues from such a spike in traffic will, no doubt,  keep the gnomes who live in our keyboards well stocked in brandy and issues of the New Yorker for some time yet. 

It wasn't just Lindsay who went to court this week; Chris Comeskey, the high profile lawyer involved in the 'Pumpkin' (missing girl) case also spent some time in front of a New Zealand judge this week. 

Mel Gibson, despite the fact that he didn't actually go to court this week, was still in the headlines quite a lot as well. His various revelations of rants and racial slurs kept us going well into the week. 

Also, there were some things that caught our eye this week that were just downright weird. The purpose drug-smuggling submarine was a particular favorite of mine. Not to mention the Facebook banning of pictures of naked dolls. 

I'm afraid that I shan't be able to post extensively over the next few days - despite the religious posting frequency which has been maintained as of late. I do apologize for such shortages of coverage. There will be coverage until around one o'clock tomorrow, and we intend to return in full blast to you at noon on Wednesday (that's Tuesday for the loyal readers who frequent our site from far-away lands). 

Have a great week. Happy reading!
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