Thursday, July 15, 2010

Palin is running for president - signs show

According to the watchers of the United States political world, it is clear that Sarah Palin is heading toward a 2012 bid for the presidency, after failing for the deputy job in 2008 - although the video of her announcement may just be the scariest movie I've ever seen.

In a realisation of our worst nightmare, it has been speculated that the 2008 vice-presidential hopeful and governor of Alaska will attempt to pry the country's highest office from Barack Obama - who her party (including John McCain) lost to in the last election.

All the signs - including fundraising - point to a 2012 presidential bid, argues one article which appeared on the reporting site, The Daily Beast.

"If Palin runs", reads the blockquote, "wins the nomination and then loses the general election, she could leave the Republican brand in pieces".
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