Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Osama Bin Laden loves the World Cup as much as you do

When he's not making new videos to appear on his YouTube account, Osama Bin Laden - renowned destruction maker and jihad catalyst - enjoys unwinding with a bit of his favorite sport: football. Or,  at least that's what Newsweek would have you believe

The weekly magazine has reported that a group of heavily armed islamists, who Newsweek reports were great admirers of Bin Laden, had killed two soccer fans and told the others at a game-watching party to go home, while noting that the sport was 'ungodly'. "But if the Al Qaeda learned about the attack from his hiding place in Afghanistan", the magazine reports, "he would have most certainly disapproved". 
Bin Laden—whose strict Islamist worldview proscribes music, women’s education, gambling, drinking, homosexuality, and the shaving of beards—is a fan of the game, and his preferred position is center forward. He is one of the many jihadists who worship the world’s most popular sport. “It’s on the whole their favorite thing after jihad,” says Scott Atran, an American and French anthropologist who has studied the interplay between terror groups and soccer.
So, I suppose this means old Bin Laden won't be attacking a football stadium anytime soon. Good to know, I guess. [Via Newsweek]
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