Friday, July 23, 2010

Marc Jacobs and his boyfriend have officially split

Lorenzo Martone, the (former) partner of fashion designer Marc Jacobs, has confirmed rumors - via Twitter - that he and Jacobs have officially split.

This follows a Vogue interview several weeks ago where Jacobs was asked whether the couple was considering marriage - a question to which he replied, "no, I'm not getting married".

"Thanks for t notes. yes, I saw t press today. We are not together, haven't been in 2 months. And we will not comment on it. Sorry. We r fine [sic]," Martone's tweet read.

The celebrity section of the New York Post first reported the break-up, although, as many have pointed out, the report filed by the Post's Page Six was a little premature, when one considers that the couple was seen together a number of times following the report.
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