Sunday, July 25, 2010

John Roberts, CNN host, thinks that bloggers are 'ruining American culture'

It turns out that the blogosphere is a 'dark side' of the internet. Well, that's what CNN anchor John Roberts has been saying on his network as of late. "A wild west of the internet where anybody can post anything", Roberts compared the blogosphere to, also adding that user generated content, such as YouTube MySpace and blogs were 'killing the American culture'.

Referring to the latest incident involving Shirly Sherrod's recent internet public relations disaster, he said "there are so many great things that the internet does and has to offer, but at the same time, Kyra, as you know, there is this dark side. Imagine what would have happened if we hadn't taken a look at what happened with Shirley Sherrod and plumbed the depths further and found out that what had been posted on the internet was not in fact reflective of what she said."

Not only are bloggers part of the 'dark side' and ruining American culture, but we're also cowards that are 'just seeking attention'. 

"There's going to have be a point in time where these people have to be held accountable," Phillips said. "How about all these bloggers that blog anonymously? They say rotten things about people and they're actually given credibility, which is crazy. They're a bunch of cowards, they're just people seeking attention." [NewsBusters]
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