Sunday, July 18, 2010

11-year-old trolling victim placed under police protection following death threats

The crying star of this week's newest viral video has been placed under police protection after she received death threats. The video features the girl, who was the victim of internet trolling, and her family shouting while extremely upset.

The pain is no doubt intensified by the knowledge that by now, almost two million people have logged onto video-sharing site, YouTube, to view the rage. It was spawned by a prank pulled by internet prankster 4Chan, which spread the girl's various contact details across the internet in a viral fashion. 

This isn't the only prank 4Chan has pulled in recent times. They also made headlines across the web when a petition was launched to send teen sensation Justin Bieber to North Korea. 

Phone calls have been received widely within the household of the girl - who has been nicknamed Jessie Slaughter - including some that were centered around death threats toward her and her family. 

Although nothing violent has yet eventuated as a result of such threats, it was enough for the police to place her under a protection initiative usually reserved for witnesses in a murder trial. 

All of this talk, however, doesn't mean that the girl is innocent - despite being pranked at the tender age of twelve. All of the harassment seen here was sparked, according to other blogs, by a profanity ridden, hate-spewing video (embedded above) created by the girl attacking people whom she referred to as 'internet haters'. 

Suggestions to 'suck my non-existant penis' and 'get AIDS and die' were among those hurled at the video's target audience. How classy?
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