Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Teacher fired for having pre-marital sex...sues school

A teacher working at a Christian school in Florida is suing her former employers after she was fired for engaging in sexual activities before marriage - a practice that is discouraged by most Christian denominations. 

Jarretta Hamilton appeared on the NBC show Today (It appears they don't just have swearing thirteen year olds on anymore) to plead publicly regarding her situation. Hamilton was fired after approaching school officials to ask for maternity leave. Clearly they took note that she wasn't yet married and sent her on her way. 

I may not be an expert on the law, but I'm pretty sure that you'd be hard pushed to find any state, not even Texas, that would allow that kind of dismissal. Still, you never know with Florida...they were the ones who voted in Bush. 

Hamilton is seeking damages regarding emotional troubles caused by the incident, as well as unfair dismissal. 
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