Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sarah Palin thinks that Obama doesn't want to stop the leak, but instead wants to make as much money as he can

Following the address made by Barack Obama on the oil spill crisis from the White House, Fox News's outlandish and politically flamboyant television personality, Bill O'Reilly took the time to sit down in civilized discussion with perhaps the least politically biased lady (well, sort of) in the country.

Who else, but Sarah Palin. Among her more level-headed and balanced comments was that the President is in no rush to stop the leak, but instead just wants to get as much money out of it as he can by increasing the cost of energy.

Exactly what evidence there was of such thoughts was non-existant, and any possible motive unclear.

Anyway, I thought that trying to pay off your donors was your thing, Sarah.
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