Sunday, June 20, 2010

It sure would suck to be a smoker in New York (unless you're Native American)

The price of smoking is set to become even higher in New York, as new tax law is set to push up the price of a pack of cigarettes to almost US$11.00 (NZ$15.46). The cigarette tax, as reported by Fox News, is set to jump by around $1.60, under a deal made between New York City and various state officials. 

A packet of cigarettes in New York City following the change would be over 5 dollars - making New York the fist city in the world to break the five dollar mark in terms of demerit taxes on cigarettes. 

At least one estimate, Fox News noted, showed that around half of all the tobacco purchased in New York was bought by Native Americans - who pay no tax on tobacco. 
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