Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Family filmmakers of 'David After Dentist' made $150,000 off video

Turns out, having your kids drugged in the back of the car while operating a movie camera can be a fairly lucrative business, as it was revealed this morning that the family behind the viral video 'David After Dentist' has made around $150,000 from ad and merchandise sales based on the video. 

Business Insider published a report that showed the extent of the family's new found internet success. The video continues to receive anywhere from 100,000 to 125,000 views each day, although its popularity has slowly died in recent months.

According to Business Insider:
While his family is busy finding ways to monetize off the video's success, the younger David is just trying to live like a normal 9-year old kid. After finishing the 3rd grade on the honor roll, David is on summer break and just attended football camp in Tampa Bay. He is also taking guitar lessons though that doesn't necessarily translate to more on-camera time for the young viral star.
"He's not interested in becoming a TV star, he's just a regular kid," his father tells us. "He's got other things that interest him."
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