Saturday, June 19, 2010

Facebook revenue for 2009 almost $800,000,000?

Tech analysts may be having a community word-eating get-together, as revelations surface that social networking giant (which was previously shrugged off as being unprofitable) may have had revenues close to $800 million in 2009.

Facebook, which was founded and is managed by Mark Zuckerberg, a hacker and Harvard dropout, has only been in operation some six years, but is already showing signs of high profitability.

Sources even noted that the company had a strong net profit to match all of that revenue - meaning that the company is covering its huge costs.

This is particularly promising, especially when one considers that other popular 'Web 2.0' sites like YouTube, are still struggling to pay bandwidth bills. Facebook, unlike YouTube which sold to Google in 2006, is still an independent company.
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